If you want to buy cranberry vines for propagation on your marsh/bog then this site is for you. We have a large variety of hybrid cranberries that we sell by the ton.


Large selection of high yielding cranberries

Ed W. and Ed J. standing in new cranberry vines

Breeding hybrid cranberries since 1974


Breeding program embedded in our 240 acre marsh

How to Buy Cranberry Vines

Every marsh and growing region is different than the next. Please call and we can discuss what you are looking for as far as vine type and berry characteristics. Currently we have cut vine availability of our new hybrids BG, Midnight 8 and 9, Valley 95 and our older GH1 vine. The other newer hybrids are currently under expansion on our farm and some won’t be available as baled cut vines for a few years.  Depending on the situation, some may be available for plug propagation. Contact us and we can talk about how to by cranberry vines.


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How to Buy Cranberry Vines

Ocean Spray Grower

As Ocean Sprayer Grower-Owners we have asked Ocean Spray to test different aspects of our hybrid cranberries. Much of the data you will see for each variety was independently tested by Ocean Spray. We have developed some of the top producing varieties in the world through evaluation of many breeding generations and thousands of seedlings. Some have been in production for over a decade and others are new varieties that look extremely promising. All the plants are field evaluated and we are always genuine in the claims we make about our hybrids. Our partnership with Ocean Spray gives us the opportunity to show you data from an independent source for each of our new cranberry varieties.