Breeding Program and Genetic Map

Breeding and selecting varieties is an undertaking that requires decades of focused commitment. We start by evaluating hundreds of seedlings in a cross and culling out plants with low vigor. After the seedlings are growing we evaluate them for desired traits on small 4’x4’ plots over 5-6 years. From these several hundred, we may select the top 5% to further expand into larger 10’x20’ plots for another 4-5 years of evaluation. Of these, we will select only 2 or 3 to expand into full bed acreage. We are making selections for many different traits, with high and consistent yield the primary goal. We also select for consistent and uniform color, firmness, size, rebud potential, and disease resistance.

The genetic map that you see below represents the successful crosses we have created over the past 42 years of work. There are many crosses not listed here that were unsuccessful in which the seedlings were no more unique than the parent plants.

Ed J. and Ed A. in front of hybrid plot

Aerial photos of hybrid plots

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