Purchasing Vines

  • We are a cranberry producer at heart and understand what growers like and dislike about purchasing cranberry vines and paying royalties. We started our program out of a love of growing cranberries and we are always conservative on the claims we make about the varieties.
  • When you purchase vines from us, you will be asked to sign a vine sales agreement. With some varieties such as BG, the agreement restricts you for 20 years from selling vines or using any plant part for breeding. You are able to mow or prune the vines for planting on your own farm without the worry of future royalty payments.
  •  Some of the newest varieties are not available yet for cut vines due to them being expanded and evaluated on our farm. If there are vines available to propagate through greenhouse plugs, we work with Evergreen Nursery in Sturgeon Bay, WI. In this case, you would be charged an acreage royalty for planting and expansion.
  • We mow our vines in the spring, as soon as the frost is out of the ground. They are baled, watered and shipped in May.
  •   If you are interested in some of our varieties, the best way to see them is to visit our farm in the summer. We are always happy to give you a tour and show you the varieties firsthand.  Call or email Ed Grygleski to set up a tour.

Please note that we only sell our vines to established North American cranberry growers, by the ton.
Sorry, no hobby farm sales.